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A Sexplanation

A feature documentary highlighting the all-American experience of getting a shoddy sex ed and the lifetime of sexual hang-ups that ensue. This story is told through the lens of a 36-year-old Asian-American who sets off on a quest to finally uncover some naked truths. 


A Sexplanation follows my quest to confront my all-American sex education - by finally getting a real one.


Growing up, sex felt shameful. My parents never brought it up. School focused on disease, pregnancy, and abstinence. Dial-up internet porn became my refuge. By 30, I was frustrated by how much shame I still carried. After talking with friends, I saw I wasn’t alone.

So the film documents my attempt to shed this shame, no matter how awkward it might get — even masturbating in an MRI machine. (For science!) Through honest conversations with scientists and educators, I uncover some naked truths to get us to a healthier, sexier future. 


Key Creatives & Cast

Production Companies: Herra Productions & Flynn Studios

Directed By: Alex Liu

Written By: Alex Liu & Leonardo Neri

Music By: Moritz Schmittat

Director of Photography: Brian Emerick

Produced By: Steven Flynn

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